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I have a rich store of endorphin-fuelled stories based on my real life adventures. And I love sharing these stories in person because I get to see the fire in people’s eyes when they are inspired by them.

I guess I fall into the genre of ‘motivational speaker’ but I am at pains to avoid the clichés that go with this label. I would never profess to understand an audience’s industry as well as they do, nor patronise them with glib catch-all motivational ‘slogans’ or messages. Instead I prefer to let my stories speak for themselves – to work their own magic and leave a lasting impression on the listener.

My aim is always to leave people with the feeling that “I can do so much than I thought was possible – Mal has just shown me that”

I take a multi-media approach to my talks as I believe images and videos can add so much to the spoken word. The combination of a powerfully illustrated real-life story and a speaker who is genuine and passionate about his subject is hard to beat. This is what I aim to deliver – entertainment and inspiration.

Past Clients Include:



We were honoured to have Mal Law appear for us as a key note speaker for our top Advisers conference in Hawaii this year.

Mal’s story about his achievements had exactly the right mix of excitement, drama and emotion to keep this very demanding audience captivated throughout. But his presentation delivered so much more than just the story of the things he has done. It also provided fascinating insights into why and how he has achieved these things. The lessons from his life were highlighted to us in a very down to earth way but were so powerful they acted as an enormous metaphorical boot up the backside to everyone in the audience. It was clear from talking to attendees after Mal’s presentation that this humble man had changed their perspective on what they themselves could and should achieve in their own lives.

I can categorically state that Mal’s presentation was one of the best I have ever had the privilege of listening to and I can confirm that the messages he delivered spoke directly to me as well. I would recommend Mal to any audience.

Naomi Ballantyne

Managing Director, Partners Life Limited