Chasing The Dragon – update. 

IMG_8639It’s now 2016, the year in which my good mate James & I were planning our 1,700km run around the perimeter of Wales to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand and Mind UK.

We announced this project – dubbed Chasing The Dragon – in the middle of last year, with a start date of early May, now just 5 months away. Since then not a lot has been said, and people may be forgiven for thinking we’ve seen sense and decided against this rather mad record-breaking attempt. Well we haven’t! We’re still as keen as mustard BUT one of us, namely me, has until recently been very broken and in no fit physical or mental state to put in the grueling training sessions that are necessary for such a huge undertaking.

The truth of the matter is that the High Five-0 Challenge took a lot more out of me than I originally realised, and I did not give myself adequate recovery time before starting to run again. It was slow to dawn on me, but I can now clearly see that I spent much of the latter half of 2015 in a state of acute fatigue. In such a state I simply couldn’t contemplate taking on the next big adventure quite so soon and so we decided a short while back to postpone our Chasing The Dragon run until May 2017.

This now gives us 16 months to properly plan and prepare for the mission. In the last week or so I have started to feel like a runner again for the first time in many months. I can feel my strength rebuilding and most importantly, I can feel my enthusiasm and motivation returning. So it is that we are now looking forward to lots of micro-adventures together as we train and build towards another truly epic fundraising adventure.

Chasing The Dragon is a alive and well. Follow our progress on Facebook as we work our way towards the start line.