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Stories Inspire. And that’s why I like telling them. So as well as sharing them in person through my speaking engagements I also like to write and make films about my adventures.


My first book One Step Beyond tells the story of my original 7 in 7 Challenge and was published by Penguin in 2013. Signed copies can be bought online here. Here’s what two well-known endurance athletes and authors in their own right had to say about it:

Steve Gurney: “Read this book if you want to be inspired”

Dean Karnazes: “Mal dealt with loss and adversity, yet he overcame them in an extraordinary way. In taking One Step Beyond he proves that while the human body may have its limitations, the human spirit is truly boundless.”

Read more reviews of One Step Beyond here. A second book is also the pipeline – watch this space!



The full-length documentary of the High Five-0 Challenge – ‘FIFTY’ – is currently in production. Watch the trailer below, and sign up here to register for pre-sales and keep up to date with progress.

Training for an Epic

A series of 5 stunning short videos, all shot around Wanaka, that follow my training as I prepared for the High Five-0 Challenge.


The High Five-0 Challenge

A series of 10 beautifully shot short videos that tell the story of the Challenge as it wound its way in and out of New Zealand’s mountains.

For Alan: A short film about the original 7in7 Challenge See the trailer here, watch the 6-minute version on YouTube here, or buy the full-length (15 minutes) DVD here.